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Custom Chassis

Custom Chassis by Thompson Motor Sports


1974 CJ-7 All moly tube chassis

CJ-7 Moly Chassis

 We Can Build you just about any kind of chassis you could want. Our specialty is building a chassis to fit your application, the chassis we build is for your car, they are not a mass produced chassis which is generic in design we build it to fit the suspension you want and your body. When we build a chassis we need the body, rear end and tires that is going to be used along with the ride height. Because each chassis is built to the customers wants, with in reason.

  We have built every thing from a front clip for a 1957 Chevy using Mustang spindles to a Complete 1934 Willys AA/GS race car with a custom torsion bar double A-Arm front suspension.


1930 Ford Tudor Chassis

1930 Ford Tudor

1934 Willys AA/GS Complete moly chassis

1934 Willys AA/GS

  The cost for a Custom Chassis depends on how much of the suspension we have to build from scratch, the major cost in a custom chassis is suspension. We can build from a complete custom suspension to adapting most any suspension out there to your chassis. Please remember there are limitations to what will fit and work properly. We can design a front suspension if you want something different or there is nothing that will fit inside the body of your car.

 We have used the Mustang II front suspension design, we have even modified Mustang II suspension designs where we had to alter the width to fit in early Ford Model A's and a 1929 Essex Coupe which we built a chassis for, ever try to find a chassis from Fat Man for a 1929 Essex 3 window coupe. We have used Camaro and Nova front clips and even late model Corvette front and rear suspensions. Where a custom suspension is wanted or required we use two different computer programs to design special front suspensions. To allow for a desired caster and camber change, a desired roll center and anti squat or anti dive. We take care of "Bump Steer" (wheels change direction as suspension moves up and down) a problem many adapted suspensions have. By using our computer programs to analyze the suspension and make the necessary changes we make sure every thing works right.

 The basic cost for a rolling chassis with OEM suspension components and brakes start at $12,000 and this would be a chassis ready to accept your body and drive train. This does not include any Electrical, Fuel Lines, fuel tank and tires and wheels .

 If you would like to view some of the Custom Chassis we have built over the last 17 years just click on the Chassis Photos below. But please remember each chassis is built to that customers car. We do not build a generic chassis or a kit we do not belive in "one size fits all"!!!!!!!!!

 Chassis Photos #1

Chassis Photos #2





 Below is a list of a few different cars we have either built complete chassis for or installed a different front clip or rear clip or new suspension.

Complete Chassis

1923 T Bucket (Altered)

1929 Essex Coupe

1930 Ford Tudor

1932 Ford PU

1934 Willys AA/GS

1947 Chevy Coupe

1948 Plymouth

1950 Plymouth SW

1957 Buick Special

1963 Cheetah

1965 AC Cobra (x3)

1966 Chevy Nova

1967 Triumph GT-6

1972 Vega (x2)

1974 CJ-5

1976 Monza (x2)

1990 Plymouth Laser

IMCA Modified (x6)


Front Clips

1934 Chevy 3 W/ Coupe

1938 Buick 4 Dr

1941 Buick coupe

1946 Dodge PU

1950 Chevy PU

1952 Chevy 2dr

1952 Ford PU

1956 Chevy PU

1956 Ford PU (x2)

1957 Buick Special

1957 Pontiac

1957 Chevy (x2)

1965 Chevy PU



Rear Clips

1952 Ford PU

1956 Ford PU

1957 Buick Special

1963 Chevy PU

1965 Chevy PU

1969 Nova

1969 El Camino

1970 Nova

1973 Chevy PU

1983 S-10




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